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The ME By Kiki Show

Jul 9, 2019

I recently came across Human Design through a recommendation in Lacy Phillip's To Be Magnetic Coaching program, in which she advised checking your HD chart to see if you were a specific or general manifestor.

The chart seemed compelling and bursting with juicy insights - yet I understood basically none of it, so I went ahead and found an expert who could help me get a grasp on all this Human Design stuff. That amazingly wise and well-spoken soul is Cortney Ostrosky, who is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world.

In this podcast, Cortney explains Human Design for us newbies and I assure you - she makes it incredibly easy to understand and apply even if you're just a beginner (i.e. me!). We discuss energy types and how knowing yours can help advise how you best operate in life (e.g. should you proactively seek projects or await invitations?). 

It was incredibly powerful to hear about the different types of people in the world, how common each type is, and let me assure you: it all resonated deeply and made profound sense.

If you're interested in getting a high level overview on Human Design, why it's so special, and how to implement your own chart's findings into your own daily life to live your most authentic self and so that you are in better alignment with what the universe (literally!) mapped (and maps...) out for you - this is a MUST listen!

Check out Cortney on Instagram @cortney108 and her website: